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The Institutional Review Board, or IRB, reviews research activities involving human subjects to uphold ethical standards and to ensure research activities comply with all pertinent regulations and Fred Hutch policy.

IRB meeting

What's New

The new CTMS is rolling out, which affects IRB submission routing. Please read more about this change and how it affects researchers here.

The implementation of the 2018 Common Rule has been delayed to January 21, 2019. Read more about the rule and delays here. To learn more about how Fred Hutch plans for the implementation, please refer to our newsletter.

Most Common Tasks

Submit a New Application for Review

Guidelines and framework for submitting a new study.

Submit a Continuing Review Report

Instructions for submitting annual IRB Continuing Review Reports, or CRRs

Submit a Research Modification Form

Guidelines for reporting changes to plans and processes for ongoing research

Plan for IRB Meetings and Deadlines

View meeting schedules and associated deadlines.


Policies and Procedures

View all IRB policies and procedures.

Consent Forms

Requirements, model consent forms and tips for recruitment.


View all IRB guidelines, instructions, policies and regulations.


A list of Fred Hutch IRB terms and acronyms, and other glossaries.

Institutional Review Office 

Contact information and additional resources from the Institutional Review Office (IRO) which supports the ethical and compliant review of research.

IRB Training

Human Subjects Training

Human subjects training is required every three years for all Fred Hutch personnel involved in the design, conduct or reporting or human subjects research conducted at Fred Hutch or via the Fred Hutch/UW Cancer Consortium.

Good Clinical Practice Training

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyzing and reporting of clinical trials. Compliance with GCP provides assurance that the study data are credible and accurate and that the rights, safety, confidentiality and well-being of research participants are protected.

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