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Use this form to report the current status of research and whether that status has changed since the last Continuing Review was filed. This report is intended to assist the Institutional Review Board in carrying out its continuing review responsibilities to ensure the protection, rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research.

* View Word doc Last Updated | 7-19-23 11:30 a.m.

Document Details

Version Effective Date Change Notes
4.00 7/17/2023 Updated answer selections for 2.4 regarding posting approved consent form to  Also updated 3.1.a to request additional details to explain why information may not be available.
3.00 3/31/2023 Added question 4.4 regarding serious or continuing noncompliance events.
2.00 3/10/2023 Update to the instructions for 3.1 Enrollment Table.
1.00 2/27/2023 New form to support Hutch IRB.  Replaces Continuing Review Report Form (045).