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Relevant IRB Policies and Procedures

Federal policies require that people involved in human subjects research receive training. At Fred Hutch, everyone involved in certain aspects of the Human Research Protection Program must complete required training. The training requirements described here reflect Fred Hutch's commitment to the protection of research participants and the conduct of scientifically valid and reproducible research.

There are two areas of required training:

Look up your or others' Human Subjects and GCP training status.

Are you new to Fred Hutch? Have you recently changed to a new position?

Whether or not you need training depends on your level of involvement with research participants and the type of research you are involved in. Go to Hutch Learning and complete the IRO Training Form to find out what training you need. You can also access learning options in Hutch Learning.
(Fred Hutch faculty and staff only.)

Meeting the Training Requirements

New Fred Hutch employees have 60 days to complete required training. Once completed, Human Subjects and Good Clinical Practice training is good for 3 years; personnel must renew ("refresh") their training often enough to keep it current as long as they are in a position that requires such training. 

Individuals who fail to meet the training requirements may no longer be involved in human research. The IRO will notify the employee, his or her supervisor and the division director. Employees can be reinstated when training is complete.

If the lead investigator of a study fails to meet the training requirements, the IRB will close the study. Closed studies can be reopened when the lead investigator completes the training.

If your primary affiliation is with an institution other than Fred Hutch, do you need to meet the Fred Hutch training requirements?

If you are the principal investigator on a study submitted to the Fred Hutch IRB, or you are relying on the Fred Hutch IRB through an IRB Reliance Agreement, you need to meet the Fred Hutch training requirements.

Other non-Fred Hutch investigators and study staff should meet the requirements of their own institution; the PI is responsible for ensuring all study staff have met the relevant institutional requirements. Refer to the IRB Training Policy for more information.