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Fred Hutch Shared Resources cores are powerful assets for science. From genomics to microscopy to proteomics, these resources provide centralized, equitable and efficient access to powerful technologies and expertise in support of scientific discovery.

In addition to our work within our Cancer Consortium, Shared Resources cultivates partnerships with external institutions and clients in academia and industry. We’re proud to offer scientists and biotechnology partners around the country the opportunity to access our scientific services in support of their basic, translational or clinical research.

We will continue to add core pages to this site and anticipate completion of this page by Dec. 2022.

Core Resources

Please view any of the following core resource pages to find relevant training and educational materials.

Cellular Imaging

On This Page:

  • Books & Websites, Confocal Microscopy, Fluorescence & FISH, Workshops, Courses, Vendor Sites

Comparative Medicine

On This Page (Fred Hutch Credentials Required):

  • Facility Access Requirements, Required Trainings

Electron Microscopy

On This Page:

  • Relevant research papers, equipment references for Easiglow, Glacios, Negative Stain Bench, Talos, and Vitrobot

Preclinical Imaging

On This Page:

  • Learning Modules, Grant Information, equipment references for 2PM, IVIS, MicroCT, MRI, and Ultrasound