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The Cellular Imaging shared resource at Fred Hutch provides advanced light microscopy services for biomedical and translational research. Our expert staff provides a complete workflow, including training for independent, 24/7 work in the core; assistance and technical support in microscopy techniques and their application; and tailored quantitative image analysis. We also offer training and support for imaging and analyzing gels and blots. We work with Fred Hutch users as well as external users from academia and industry.

Training Opportunities

We offer light microscopy services to researchers in the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium as well as other external institutions and companies. If you would like to learn more about training opportunities to incorporate our advanced imaging services with your research, please contact usĀ at

Hutch Library Resources

Books, websites, and course opportunities selected by Cellular Imaging core facility. Click here to access:

Widefield Microscopy Documents

Incubator Microscopy Documents

* IncuCyte-S3-and-IncuCyte-ZOOM-2022.pdf

Digital Slide Scanner Documents

* TissueFAXS-2022.pdf

High-Content Reader Documents

* Molecular-Devices-ImageXpress-2022.pdf

Confocal Microscopy Documents

* Leica-SP8-Confocal-and-STED-2022.pdf
* Zeiss-LSM-780-Confocal-and-Multi-Photon-with-Airyscan-2022.pdf

Light Sheet Microscopy Documents

* LaVision-Ultramicroscope-II-2022.pdf

Gel and Blot Imaging Documents

* Typhoon-Trio-Imager-2022.pdf
* Li-Cor-Odyssey-Near-Infrared-Scanner-2022.pdf