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The Electron Microscopy (EM) shared resource offers techniques that allow researchers to resolve structures from cellular ultrastructure all the way down to molecular interactions. Our expertise in EM sample preparation and imaging allows us to support biomedical and translational research. With our cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, technologies and services, the core brings a new structural determination technique to solve difficult molecular structures at an ultrafine scale. Recent advances in cryo-EM technology and software algorithms have made it a compelling structural biology method for flexible proteins that resist visualization by other techniques.

Training Opportunities

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help empower researchers to generate high-quality, high-resolution data to resolve difficult molecular structures and elucidate differences in cellular ultrastructure. We offer support at every step, including consultation during experimental design and training in sample preparation, instrument use and data collection and analysis.

Please contact us at to learn more.

Relevant Papers

* 2020-Cheng.A-Leginon-intro-paper.pdf

Paper on new features and applications for the Legion, a system for automated data aquisition from a transmission electron micrscopy. 

* 2005-Suloway.C-Leginon-original-paper.pdf

Paper on the Leginon system and report on the current state of efforts for the automated molecular micrscope + data aquisition software system. 

* RELION-theory.pdf

Paper on a bayesian view on Cryo-EM structure determination, where smoothness in the reconstructed density is imposed through a Gaussian prior in the Fourier domain.

Easiglow Documents

* EMSR-easiGLOW-discharge-protocol.pdf

Glacios Documents

* EMSR-Glacios-Checklist.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-Checklist-pictures.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-Leginon-protocol.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-Leginon-Screening.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-SerialEM-protocol.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-SerialEM-Screening.pdf
* EMSR-Glacios-SerialEM-Collection.pdf

Negative Stain Bench Documents

* EMSR-Negative-Stain-Bench.pdf
* EMSR-Negative-Stain-Checklist.pdf
* EMSR-Negative-Stain-Bench-protocol.pdf

Talos Documents

* EMSR-Talos-Checklist.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-Checklist-pictures.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-L120C-Leginon-Collection.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-L120C-Leginon-protocol.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-L120C-Leginon-Screening.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-L120C-TIA-protocol.pdf
* EMSR-Talos-L120C-TIA-Collection.pdf

Vitrobot Documents

* EMSR-Vitrobot.pdf
* EMSR-Vitrobot-Checklist.pdf
* EMSR-Vitrobot-protocol.pdf