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The IRO is responsible for verifying that new and competing grants/subawards/contracts have met all necessary institutional requirements prior to award activation.

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Funding Verification and Activation Form (FVAF) submissions can be made to

A FVAF will be required for all competing research projects and/or new funding* regardless of human subjects or live vertebrate animal status prior to submission of Just-In-Time (JIT) or award activation, depending on the project type and sponsor requirements.

For research projects that do not involve human subjects and/or live vertebrate animals, research study teams will need to submit the FVAF and the ENTIRE final proposal to before the award is activated by OSR (note that the FVAF will not hold up submission of JIT in this case).  This step is done to confirm that any institutional requirements are completed (e.g., animal tissue transfer forms and not human subject (NHS) research determinations). Upon receipt of the approved FVAF from IRO (and any other applicable items), OSR can activate the award.

*Includes new or renewal awards for:

  • Grants
  • Fellowships
  • Incoming subawards
  • Pilot funding
  • Supplements
  • Restricted Donations (NDOs)
  • Contracts/Incoming subcontracts

Exceptions: An FVAF is not required for any non-research activity (e.g., purchase of equipment).

Step 1 - Fundable Score: Get Necessary IRB/IACUC Approvals

When the Principal Investigator (PI) receives a fundable score, or notice they have been selected for funding, he/she is responsible to submit the appropriate IRB/IACUC application forms (if human subjects or data/live-vertebrate animals are involved). This may involve submitting new applications, or modifying existing files to incorporate the new funding source. For more information on submitting new applications or modifying existing applications, please see the requisite IRB and IACUC websites.

Step 2 - JIT Request: Verification of IRB/IACUC Approval

When the PI receives the request from the funding agency for JIT information, complete and submit the Funding Verification and Activation Form to the IRO.

The PI only needs to submit this form to the IRO for New and Competing grants/subawards/contracts (e.g. once every 5 years for most NIH grants).

This form provides the IRO with the necessary information to confirm all necessary IRB/IACUC approvals are in place before OSR activates the award. It also provides OSR the information they need to submit JIT information to the granting agency.

Verification that all necessary approvals are in place helps the Center maintain compliance with applicable Human Subject, Vertebrate Animal, and Funding Agency regulations (45 CFR Part 46.118, PHS Policy (IV, D) and NIH Grants Policy (Part II, Terms and Conditions).