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Relevant IRB Policies and Procedures


The Investigator and their research staff are responsible for recruiting participants in a fair and equitable manner, weighing the potential benefits of the research to the participants against their vulnerability and the risks to them.

Recruitment materials, including brochures, flyers, advertisements, audio tapes, video tapes, and letters to potential subjects, must not contain coercive language or incentives. For example, if the study involves comparing an investigational drug to a placebo, the advertisement should not mention the study drug only. Rather, it should indicate that some subjects in the study will receive a placebo, or describe the purpose of the study as comparing the investigational drug to a placebo.

Any material (including audio or video) aimed at recruiting potential subjects into a study must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to being used. Suggested guidelines for an advertisement or recruitment letter appear below:

  • Include the purpose of the project or briefly state what is expected of the subject. Include the time commitment required of the subject.
  • Include the investigator's Center division department affiliation (if any) and where the research will take place.
  • List a contact name and phone number.
  • Do not include the name of commercial sponsors or products.
  • Avoid phrases such as "help needed" or "participants wanted." The recommended wording is "you are invited" or "participants invited."
  • If research participants will be paid for their time/effort, it is recommended that the wording "Compensation Available" be used, rather than specifying a specific amount. Compensation should not be excessive to the nature of the project. If the investigator wishes to include a specific amount of compensation in an ad, the Application Form should include the investigator's justification as to why this is needed.

Research Participant Compensation

Payment for participation in research may not be offered to the subject as a means of coercive persuasion. Rather, it should be a form of recognition for the investment of the subject's time, loss of wages, or other inconvenience incurred. Accordingly, compensation may not be withheld contingent on the subject's completion of the study. In most cases involving continued participation, compensation should be given on a reasonable prorated basis to avoid the impression that the investigator is coercing the subject to continue in a study or is punishing the subject for non-compliance.

Information regarding how to process payment for research subjects is posted on theĀ Accounting Services website.