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COVID-19 guidance for vendors working on Fred Hutch campus:

Consistent with our obligations as a Federal Contractor and following Governor Inslee’s recently updated vaccination proclamation, we are aligning with our partners at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (“SCCA”) and are requiring all vendors, suppliers, consultants or contractors working on-site at any Fred Hutch facility to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Action is required for on-site vendors, suppliers, consultants or contractors. Please note that the Fred Hutch COVID-19 vaccination requirement does not apply to vendors, suppliers, consultants or contractors who work remotely and are never required to be on-site at a Fred Hutch facility. Nor does it apply to vendors, suppliers, consultants or contractors who are solely accessing our loading docks or entrances for short periods of time, for example, drivers dropping materials at a loading dock or delivery workers picking up packages at the entrance of a building. If the Fred Hutch COVID-19 vaccination requirement does not apply to you or your employees / subcontractors, no further action related to this is required.

Please note that while you, as an employer, may allow medical, religious, or other exemptions for COVID-19 vaccination for your own employees, Fred Hutch will allow only your COVID-19 vaccinated employees or subcontractors to work onsite at on Fred Hutch campus.

If your action is required, follow the instructions for one of the following:

1)       If you are a vendor, supplier, consultant or contractor of Fred Hutch with more than one employee or subcontractor working on-site at Fred Hutch, you are responsible for ensuring your vendor representatives, including employees and subcontractors, comply with this requirement by doing the following: Complete the Vendor Vaccine Declaration Form (DOC) confirming that all vendor representatives, including employees and subcontractors, have been fully vaccinated. This completed, signed form should be sent to

– OR –

2)       If you are an individual vendor, supplier, consultant or contractor, working on-site at Fred Hutch, you must comply with this requirement by doing the following: Complete the Independent Contractor Vaccine Declaration Form (DOC), confirming that you are fully vaccinated and providing proof of vaccination. This completed, signed form should be sent to

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to ensure a safe working environment at Fred Hutch.

Fred Hutch Procurement Policies

The only Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center ("Fred Hutch") department authorized to issue purchase orders is the Procurement Department. Any material or equipment shipped without a purchase order issued by a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center specialist is shipped at the risk of the supplier. Items being delivered for evaluation require a purchase order even if there is no charge. Delivery to Fred Hutch or Fred Hutch personnel without a valid purchase order does not constitute acceptance by Fred Hutch. A valid purchase order number must be clearly visible on all packages, correspondence, invoices, packing slips, etc. Whenever possible, the Fred Hutch purchase order number and the packing slip number should be bar coded (Code 39) on the packing slip. Invoices without valid Fred Hutch purchase order numbers will not be paid.

The criteria for designation as a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center supplier are the total cost comprised of:

  • price
  • quality
  • delivery
  • fitness for purpose
  • company reputation
  • commitment to service

Fred Hutch seeks firms with proven integrity, those committed to working with Fred Hutch personnel in seeking innovative methods of assisting Fred Hutch achieve its goal.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center pursues uniform procedures for all suppliers that wish to have its business. Fred Hutch is interested in new and improved products and in new methods. It values its suppliers as business partners in helping achieve high standards of research and patient care at the most economical cost. You can help us by following the guidelines and procedures on this page.

Supplier Diversity

Diversity is a core value at Fred Hutch, integral to our lifesaving work.  Fred Hutch did direct business with 761 certified small and/or diverse U.S. suppliers in 2021 and we continue to evolve our supplier diversity strategy. Our goal is that an opportunity exists for every supplier that can support our mission.

We have partnered with to track our spend and establish our baseline for diverse spend. If you are a small or diverse supplier and have not already done so, please register your certification with at

For more information about Fred Hutch’s Supplier Diversity Strategy, please visit our Supplier Diversity page

Sales Calls

Sales calls to Fred Hutch personnel other than procurement specialists are made by appointment only. Many Fred Hutch personnel are engaged in demanding research that does not lend itself to unscheduled interruptions by visiting sales representatives. All company representatives must register with the building receptionist and must receive an ID badge. The badge is to be worn while in a Fred Hutch facility, and must be returned to the receptionist when leaving Fred Hutch.

Product shows are a valuable way to show your products to Fred Hutch researchers. More information about setting up a product show is available through the Procurement Department. To promote your show, you may submit 200 flyers to the Procurement Department for distribution to Fred Hutch mailstops. Please do not post flyers in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center buildings without permission.


All shipments of goods must be signed in through Fred Hutch's Receiving Department location at 1100 Fairview Ave. N. unless otherwise indicated on the purchase order. If goods are not delivered to Receiving, payment will be delayed. Receiving hours are: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Vendors may not use Fred Hutch owned equipment. Vendors performing delivery and pick-up services must provide their own material handling equipment.  Vendor owned equipment must not be stored in Fred Hutch facilities unless agreed upon in writing in advance


All invoices must be sent to:

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
ATTN: Accounts Payable Department (MS J4-500)
PO Box 19024
Seattle WA 98109-1024

Problems with invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable, 206.667.2887

Gifts and Gratuities

Fred Hutch's Gifts policy governs the acceptance of gifts or gratuities by outside sources. Vendors are expected to abide by that policy.

Fred Hutch's Gifts policy prohibits employees from accepting gifts or gratuities when: 1) there is or could be an appearance of an expectation on the part of the donor that the gift or favor will improperly influence the actions of the recipient; 2) the gift or favor is made in connection with a particular transaction involving the donor and Fred Hutch; and/or 3) the gift is cash, a cash equivalent (other than a gift certificate for less than $100) or securities. Assuming the prohibitions above do not apply, Fred Hutch employees may accept:

1) in-kind gifts or gift certificates having a nominal value of up to $100;
2) Entertainment, including meals and tickets to sporting or other events (including Fred Hutch events), having a value of up to $500; and
3) In the scientific divisions, other gifts that have been approved by the Division Director and either the Fred Hutch Director or Fred Hutch's Deputy Director; in administration, other gifts approved by a Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Catalogs and Prices

It is the vendor's responsibility to keep Fred Hutch current on all catalogs and costs. Vendors are encouraged to keep the Procurement Department informed of all vendor contacts, including current phone numbers and addresses.

Quotations and Bids

Competitive pricing information is considered confidential and will be treated as such. Quotations should be directed to the appropriate procurement specialist. Requests for pricing from Fred Hutch personnel, other than a specialist, should be treated as "budgetary pricing only."

Debarred Vendors/Individuals

Fred Hutch uses the services of a third party to periodically check for sanctions issued by the OIG, the GSA, and other federal agencies.

Terms and Conditions

Review Fred Hutch's Terms and Conditions:

* North American Terms and Conditions
* International Terms and Conditions