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Fred Hutch’s Supplier Diversity effort intends to create an inclusive supply chain supporting our mission, facilitating scientific innovation, and developing a supplier base that reflects the study participants, patients, and the communities we support.

Diversity is a core commitment at Fred Hutch integral to our lifesaving work.  Our values are grounded in and expressed through the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  This extends to the suppliers we partner with and our goal is that an opportunity exists for every supplier who support our mission.

“The mission of Fred Hutch is to eliminate cancer and infectious disease for all people in all communities. Our choice of vendors is a critical lever in ensuring that the Fred Hutch community of care providers, scientists and suppliers matches the diversity of the community we serve.”

- Dr. Tom Lynch, President and Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center / Raisbeck Endowed Chair

Thomas J. Lynch Jr., M.D.

Work With Us

For consideration on future opportunities at Fred Hutch, please register your company's information and capabilities on our Diverse Supplier portal.

For more information contact us: The completion of your registration will give Fred Hutch access to information listed in your company profile. However, registering in our database does not guarantee our business with your company.

Learn about Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center unites innovative research and compassionate care to prevent and eliminate cancer and infectious disease. We’re driven by the urgency of our patients, the hope of our community and our passion for discovery to pursue scientific breakthroughs and healthier lives for every person in every community.

Small and Diverse Vendors

Diversity is a core value at Fred Hutch, integral to our lifesaving work and we continue to evolve our supplier diversity strategy. Our goal is that an opportunity exists for every supplier that can support our mission.

We have partnered with to track our spend and establish our baseline for diverse spend. If you are a small or diverse supplier and have not already done so, please register your certification on our registration portal.

Criteria for Diverse Vendors:

For Small Business Subcontracting Plans:

  • Exclusively Businesses that are 51% Owned and Operated by the designated diversity classification. 
  • Cannot be self-certified

For General Sourcing Projects/Purchases:

  • Self-certification accepted
  • Needs to be 51% Owned and Operated by the designated diversity classification. 
  • Sole Proprietors accepted

Please see our Fred Hutch Procurement Policies for Suppliers page for more information.

What We Buy

  • Lab Supplies
  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Construction Services
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery Services
  • Technology
  • Staffing Services
  • Facilities Services
  • IT Services
  • Office Supplies
  • Catering Services