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The purpose of this policy is to communicate the procedures and requirements under which Fred Hutch meeting facilities would be available to External Groups. Groups that qualify for use of Fred Hutch facilities are:

  1. Non-profit organizations;
  2. Groups having internal "sponsorship" by designated programs within Fred Hutch;
  3. Groups involved in health care, cancer research, education, or related activities.
  4. All groups must be tax exempt or qualify for tax exemption status. External fundraising events by outside groups are not permitted and all groups must provide Fred Hutch with copies of the Requesting Organization’s 501c3 and letter from the Department of Revenue indicating the Requesting Organization as property tax exempt. 

There is a minimum fee for use of any conference room. This fee covers all conference room use, and assumes conference is for a duration of two hours or less. Longer conferences will be charged additional fees as noted in procedures below. This fee will only be waived under specific circumstances. Requests and inquiries should be directed to Meeting & Event Services at Fred Hutch at 206.667.5100 or by email:

During business hours* (M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
The fee  is:    $200 per room/per day for groups of 25 people or less
                    $400 per room/per day for groups with more than 25 people.

After business hours, weekends or Fred Hutch holidays
The fee  is:    $400 per room/per day for groups of 25 people or less
                    $800 per room/per day for groups with more than 25 people.

*Conference room space is very limited for public use and Fred Hutch use is the highest priority. External groups requesting use during business hours will only be accommodated after internal committee review. Confirmation from Fred Hutch may take up to three weeks after initial receipt of use request.

** For all events that exceed 50 attendees or more, please contact Security to require additional security staffing.

Conference Room Scheduling Requirements & Procedures

  1. All requests to use Fred Hutch's meeting facilities must first be reviewed for eligibility. If the group meets the eligibility requirements they will be directed to the appropriate contact person at Meeting & Event Services.  The Requesting Organization may inquire if a room is available at a specific date and time; however, it will not be confirmed until paperwork has been submitted and the scheduler has been notified in writing that approval has been given.

    The following rooms are available at Fred Hutch:

    Thomas Building, Day Campus

    Sze Conference Rooms
    Sze East D1-084 seats 20 conference style
    Sze West D1-080 seats 18 conference style
    Sze East/West Combined* seats 40 conference style / 99 ppl Theater style
        *Maximum room capacity with an empty room is 117

    Weintraub Building, Day Campus

    Pelton Auditorium seats 147 Theater style / 180 Maximum with extra seating
    B Suite Conference Rooms
    B1-072 seats 16 conference style
    B1-074 seats 16 conference style
    B1-076 seats 16 conference style
        *All three rooms combined seats 34 conference style / 110 Theater style
        *Maximum room capacity with an empty room is 114

    Yale Building, Day Campus

    J1-102 seats 16 conference style

    Arnold Building, Day Campus

    M Suite Conference Rooms
    M1-A303 seats 22 conference style
    M1-A305 seats 22 conference style
    M1-A307 seats 22 conference style
        *All three rooms combined seats 38 conference style / 150 Theater style
        *Maximum room capacity with an empty room is 170

    Atrium 1st Level: Seats 44 using existing tables / Maximum capacity is 50
    Atrium D Level: Seats 65 using existing tables / Maximum capacity is 150

  2. The Requesting Organization should then complete the conference request form and obtain the sponsor's signature. Authorized sponsors for external groups include: Materiel Management Director, Division Directors, Division Administrators, Vice Presidents and the Office of the Director.

  3. The Requesting Organization must submit the signed and completed request form, the Requesting Organization's 501c3, and letter from the Department of Revenue identifying the Requesting Organization as tax exempt to the address noted below. The Requesting Organization will be contacted with approval within one week following receipt of the request. All conference room usage fees must be received within one week after confirmation or the reservation will be canceled. Please email to: or mail to:

        Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
        Attn: Meeting & Events
        PO Box 19024,  Mail Stop M1-A405
        Seattle, WA 98109-1024

  4. Limited parking is available on the Day Campus during business hours. All parking arrangements must be made a minimum of five business days in advance with the Transportation Department by calling 206.667.5099 or Email to: Please contact the Transportation Department if you have any questions.

  5. All events or meetings occurring outside of Fred Hutch's normal business hours of operation (before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m. M-F), Weekends and Holiday must be be coordinated with the Security Department. Meetings scheduled on Weekends, Holidays, after hours that extend beyond 9 p.m., or of 50 attendees or more require additional security staffing. Information on fees for this service can be obtained directly from the Security Department by email:

  6. A list of meeting attendees must be submitted to the Security Department at least TWO business days prior to the event. The Requesting Organization may be emailed to Security.

  7. Indicate what room arrangement is desired when booking the conference room. If nothing is noted, the room set-up will be defaulted to a table with chairs surrounding for the number of people indicated on the request form. The Requesting Organization must leave the meeting room in a neat and orderly fashion. You must schedule at least 30 minutes prior and following your meeting time, to allow for room setup and cleaning.

  8. Upon arriving, the contact person with the group must check in with the receptionist or security officer on duty at the appropriate building and be prepared to produce identification that will correlate with the name submitted in the meeting request form. Access to the meeting room will be granted at the designated start time on the meeting form.

  9. Catering / Food & Beverage Service: Bon Appetit is the EXCLUSIVE on-site Catering Service at Fred Hutch and can be contacted at 206.667.3306 or by email:

  10. The event must begin and end at the scheduled time.

  11. If a scheduled event is going to be cancelled, the group must notify Meeting & Event Services as soon as possible at 206.667.5100 so that the space can be made available to others. If the meeting is canceled more than 48 hours (2 business days) prior to the event, a full refund of the deposit will be made.

  12. If the Requesting Organization would like Audio-visual equipment or support, Fred Hutch has a vendor available for a fee. Please indicate on the request form that this service is desired and the appropriate person or department will contact you. A minimum of 10 business days notice is required for coordinating AV support.

  13. Fred Hutch reserves the right to cancel a reservation when its own needs take precedence. In such an event every effort will be made to make reasonable advance notification prior to scheduled event. Conference room use fees will be reimbursed within one week of notification.

  14. Questions regarding this policy are to be directed to Meeting & Event Services, 206.667.5100.