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General Submission Information

Send all IRB submissions via email to

For all inquiries or questions, please use our other inbox,

Please take careful note of the following requirements. Failure to follow these requirements may result in delays in IRB review:

Document types:  All attachments should be in PDF format.  In addition:

  • Please do not send a single PDF of all submission documents.  Separate, individual attachments are required for the following documents at a minimum (if applicable): IRB form under review (e.g., new application, continuing review report, etc.), protocol, protocol synopsis, each consent form, HIPAA authorization, and each IB.
  • Name your attachments with readily understandable file names (such as "protocol", "patient consent", "donor consent", etc.) and include version dates for all documents.
  • Consent forms should include both a version and date.
  • Ensure all IRB forms are signed.  (We accept electronic signatures.)
  • All study teams are responsible for maintaining Word versions of IRB-approved documents to be used for future revisions, and for ensuring careful version control of all study documents.

OnCore/CTMS Data Entry:  All new research involving human subjects must be entered into the OnCore Clinical Trials Management System before submitting to the IRO.

  • Teams submit a REDCap Intake form to initiate the creation of a new protocol record in OnCore.  This entry is required for all human subjects research protocols.
  • For OnCore-related questions, please contact the CTMS Program Office at
  • OnCore entry is not required for Not Human Subject determination requests.

Scientific Review Committee (SRC):  If your new study or modification requires SRC review, proof of SRC approval must be included with the submission.  The IRO cannot accept the submission until SRC approval is included.  For questions about SRC, email or see

University of Washington Zipline authorization:  For investigators whose primary appointments are at UW, documentation of UW Zipline authorization to rely on the Fred Hutch IRB must be included.  For more information, see:

Seattle Children's authorization: For research where Seattle Children's (SCH) is engaged, an “Acknowledgement of Reliance on an External IRB” letter from SCH must be included as part of your submission to the Fred Hutch IRB. For instructions on how to obtain this letter, please review Section A of the SCH-FH Guidance for Relying.

* SCH-FH Guidance for Relying

IRO Return of IRB Approved Documents

The IRO will return approved stamped documents once approved, or once the PI has satisfied any conditions on approval.

Approved documents will be sent via email to the PI and IRO Contact on file.  We will send stamped PDF documents with the following grouped together (where the 0’s represent the IR number):

  • 00000_IRB Forms and Supplements
  • 00000_Protocol
  • 00000_Protocol Synopsis
  • 00000_Consent (separate scan for each consent)
  • 00000_HIPAA Authorization
  • 00000_IB (separate scan for each IB)    
  • 00000_Other Study Documents