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* Radiation Safety

The following procedures govern radiation safety reviews for Fred Hutch studies and for UW/Fred Hutch Consortium studies.

Summary of Key Contacts and Requirements

Following is a chart summarizing the key requirements and contacts for radiation safety review relating to Fred Hutch studies and Fred Hutch and UW Consortium studies:

Institution and Requirements
Contact Name Phone

University of Washington Medical Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

In order to simplify the process of review, the UW and SCCA radiation review committees have combined to form one committee which will review radiation being delivered to research participants at UW and/or SCCA. Investigators of studies involving radiation dose delivery at the UW Medical Center and/or SCCA may need to complete Human Subjects Radiation Approval Committee (HSRAC) Forms.

UW Use of Radiation in Human Subjects Research

Approved Risk Language for Consent Forms

Contact Matt Asay, MD, PhD, UW Compliance Analyst, Box 354400, 201 Hall Health; Seattle, WA 98195-4400 with questions regarding forms or review requirements.

Matt Asay, MS, PhD 206.685.5313

Seattle Children's

Investigators of studies involving radiation dose delivery atĀ Seattle Children'sĀ must contact the Seattle Childrens Radition Safety Committee for review requirements.

Marguerite(Meg) Parisi, MD 206.987.2134

Fred Hutch

Investigators of studies involving radiation dose delivery at Fred Hutch facilities must contact the FHCRC Radiation Safety Officer for review requirements.

Julia Sober 206.667.4044

Other Performance Sites

If your research study involves radiation procedures at multiple performance sites, you are responsible for checking with each site to confirm the applicable review requirements for that site and obtaining any required approvals. Accrual of research participants may not begin at a performance site until after you have received any required approval from that site.

IRB Documentation Required

You are responsible for submiting all approval documents resulting from any required radiation safety review to the Fred Hutch IRB.