Search Fred Hutch Extranet

Use your HutchNet ID username and password to sign into eReview. Your HutchNet ID is the same username and password you use to log into a local Fred Hutch computer, or to access CenterNet from off-campus. If you are having trouble accessing eReview or would like help changing your password, please navigate to the instructions below for assistance.

If you are a current Fred Hutch employee or affiliate and have not already done so, enroll in My Apps now. My Apps is a secure web portal powered by Microsoft Azure that acts as a single point of entry for many Fred Hutch applications. You can use My Apps to manage your HutchNet password.

New Users

If you are not an employee or affiliate of Fred Hutch, you will receive an email when your new HutchNet account is active. That email will include your username as well as a temporary password. With this information, you first need to create a new password. Login to Employee Self Service using your HutchNet ID and temporary password. You will be prompted to change your password; ensure your new password meets the Fred Hutch password requirements.


Sign in to My Apps with your HutchNet ID

With your HutchNet password established, you will next need to enroll in My Apps, a secure web portal powered by Microsoft Azure that acts as a single point of entry for many Fred Hutch applications.

  1.  Navigate to My Apps.
  2. If you use Microsoft Online for personal use or for another organization, you may already be logged in under a different account. Be sure to sign out of Microsoft Online before proceeding. (Alternatively, you can go to My Apps in a private or incognito browser window to keep your other account signed in.)

  3. Enter your Fred Hutch email address. If you were only issued a HutchNet ID, and not a Fred Hutch email address, you will type in your HutchNet ID followed by "". For example:

  4. Click "Next."

  5. Enter your HutchNet password.

  6. Click "Sign In."

Verify your contact info

6. You may be prompted to verify your contact information. Follow the directions on the screen to authenticate your account.

The steps will be similar as for a Fred Hutch employee or affiliate, which can be referenced here.


Once your My Apps account is set up, you may access eReview using your HutchNet ID username and the new password you created. Use My Apps if you forget or need to change your password.


How to Change or Reset Your Password

Resetting Your Password Using My Apps

If you have forgotten your password, and have already enrolled in My Apps, you can use My Apps to reset your password. Detailed instructions can be found here.

  1. Navigate to and sign in using your HutchNet ID and password.

  2. Click on your name in the upper right and select "View Account".

  3. Click the "Change Password" link.

  4. Follow the directions to verify your account and reset your password.


Note: Managing Your Password in eReview

The eReview system will provide you with a visual notification of your password status.

Password update notification


In the upper right of the main menu bar, your password expiration will be visible.

Password update alert


When your password is closer to expiration (30 days) the notification will change and include a hyperlink to a website with instructions for how to change your password.

When your password is very close to expiring (less than 7 days) you will automatically be taken to instructions for changing your password in a new browser window.

Help submenu


In addition to these visual and automatic notifications, you can opt to change your password at any time by selecting from the new "Help" menu.

How to Reset Your Password if You Have Never Enrolled in My Apps

You will need to contact the IT HelpDesk at 206.667.5700 or Let them know you need your HutchNet ID password reset, and that you are not yet enrolled in My Apps. If applicable, be sure to tell the HelpDesk staff you are off-campus and have never logged in before. When IT sends you a temporary password, follow the steps in the New Users section above.


What Do I Do If I Can't Log In?

Please take a moment to gather just a bit of information so that we can track down the problem. If you are simply denied access to the site, there are 3 different "Login Failed" messages you might receive. Please note the message and provide that information to the IT Helpdesk or if you are unable to resolve the login problem on your own:

  1. Your username or password is invalid. Please check them and try again.
    The HutchNet account username and / or password are wrong or invalid. If you are certain you are entering your information correctly, please either try to change your password in My Apps or contact the IT HelpDesk at 206.667.5700.

  2. You are not authorized to use this system or there is a problem with your account.
    Your HutchNet username and password are correct, but there is a problem with your user account in the eReview system. Please contact and they will update the eReview system to reflect this change.

  3. You are not a member of a committee and cannot access this site.
    Your HutchNet username and password are correct, and your username matches in the eReview system, but there is an internal configuration problem with your account. Contact