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Required Forms for Access to the SCCA

As an institution with a wide variety of institutional relationships and collaborations, there are many individuals that may require access to our campus or our network that are not on our payroll (non-employees). It's our obligation to maintain strict standards regarding access to our confidential information and patient data.

To become a non-employee at SCCA, you must be sponsored by a SCCA department manager or one of the approved non-SCCA management sponsors (contact HR at 206.667.4700 for sponsor list). Your sponsor must submit a signed non-employee action form; in addition, you must submit a completed non-employee packet.


  1. Complete the non-employee paperwork online. If you need an alternate method, contact Human Resources at 206.667.4700;
  2. Print and sign the completed paperwork;
  3. Bring the completed and signed paperwork to Human Resources as soon as possible.

Please be sure you have access to a printer before you start filling out the forms.

To properly view and fill out our non-employee paperwork, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. A free download is available here.

This form provides us with the necessary information to enter a non-employee into our database. Please fill out completely, initial and sign at the bottom. Social Security numbers and dates of birth will only be used as unique identifiers in our system; they are never released externally. Primary employer and supervisor indicate the company or organization that pays the individual, not SCCA. If you are self employed, please indicate "Self." Please enter the appropriate information and print it out and sign in ink.

Please review this agreement. On the last page enter your name, date and select affiliate information. Print it out and sign in ink.

Please read and complete this form.  Print it out and sign in ink.

Please read and complete this form.  Print it out and sign in ink.

Please complete as completely as possible. If you do not have the dates of immunizations available or do not know if you received it, please leave the space blank. Print it out and sign in ink.

Please read the materials below and complete this form.  Print it out and sign in ink.

        SCCA Harassment Policy