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Create Non-Employee Position in Workday

Responsible: Manager (or Workday Delegate)

  1. Manager, or their Workday delegate, creates the non-employee position in Workday.
  2. Once submitted, the non-employee position will route to the manager's manager for approval.

Hire Non-Employee Individual in Workday

Responsible: Manager (or Workday Delegate)

  1. Once the Non-Employee position has been approved in Workday, the manager, or their delegate, can initiate the Hire Non-Employee Individual process.
  2. In order to initiate the on-boarding of a non-employee, the individual's current personal email address will be required and will need to be indicated with the email type as 'Home' during the Hire Non-Employee Individual process.  If the individual does not have an email address, contact HR Operations at or 206.667.4700 for assistance.

Non-Employee Workday Tasks

Responsible: Non-Employees

  1. Non-Employee receives Workday generated email to complete Non-Employee tasks and paperwork in Workday as well as contact information to receive network credentials and badge issuance steps.
  2. The Non-Employee will receive their On-boarding tasks grouped into the following sections:
    • Personal Information and Background Check
    • On-boarding Tasks (Contact Information, Review Legal and Preferred Name, Edit Government ID (SSN), Emergency Contacts, Veteran Status Identification, and Self-Identification of Disability)
    • Agree to SCCA Acknowledgements
    • Onsite Clinic Questionnaire

Non-Employee UAA Form Processing

Responsible: Manager (or Workday Delegate), HR Operations

  1. Once the background check has been processed by HR Operations, the manager, or their delegate, will receive a Workday Inbox 'To Do Manager Tasks and Information' task.  Upon receipt, the manager, and delegate, can move forward with requesting any required assets or access as the background check has cleared.
  2. The Workday 'To Do Manager Tasks and Information' task will include links to request the specific assets and access, including the UAA form.  If applicable, the sponsor/manager forwards the approved UAA form to

SCCA Non-Employee Access Guidelines

  • SCCA Non-Employees must be sponsored by their primary institution.
  • SCCA Non-Employee Sponsors must be the direct SCCA supervisor or a Sponsor from the Approved List of Non-SCCA Sponsors.
  • Choose the non-employee category and business title that reflects the Non-Employee's role at SCCA, not necessarily their business title at their primary employer.
  • On-Site Supervisor is required for all SCCA Non-Employees working in an SCCA owned or operated building.  For SCCA, FHCRC, and UW employees, the On-Site supervisor is defined as the employee's direct supervisor at their primary institution.
  • Access Coordinator is defined as the person designated to complete the Non-Employee Action and UAA forms as well as the main point of contact regarding the non-employee's need for access.
  • "Face-to-face interaction with patients" is defined as incidental patient contact such as reception, scheduling, riding in an elevator, etc.
  • "Involved in direct patient care" is defined as physical contact with a patient including consenting a patient, taking blood pressure, retrieving samples.
  • Review notification date for non-employee must be within one year of their start date.  This date will be used to audit the Non-Employee relationship.  Extension requests will be assessed at that time.
  • Non-Employees must adhere to all SCCA policies and procedures.


If you require additional information or have questions, please contact Human Resources, 206.667.4700.