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Thank you for choosing Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) as your next employer.  Since it’s important that you have everything you need on your first day, we request the following:

  1. Complete the new hire paperwork PDFs below. To properly view/complete paperwork, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed [Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader]. 
    Be sure you are ready to print before you start filling out the forms. If you need an alternate method, contact HR at 206.667.4700. The process should take no longer than 20 minutes.

  2. Print and sign the completed paperwork.

  3. Bring completed and signed paperwork to Fred Hutch/SCCA HR close to or on your start date.
    Fred Hutch/SCCA HR is located at:
    Yale Building, 1st Floor
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
    823 Yale Ave N.
    Seattle, WA 98109

  4. Bring acceptable documents for completion of the form I-9. The I-9 verifies your identity and eligibility to work in the United States. For proper completion you are required to provide originals of specific documentation in person for our representatives to inspect (information on documentation below).  Note: If you are a visa holder, or we will be sponsoring a visa for you, please see the Visa Information section on the Employee and Manager Resources page.

  5. Watch the New Hire Welcome video below and review the benefits video library.

Agreement Relating to Inventions

This agreement relates to any possibly patentable device, process, product, or discovery (invention) that an employee may conceive of while an employee of SCCA, or in use of SCCA facilities.

Please review the entire agreement, then type your name at the bottom to print off for signature in ink.

Agreements and Understanding Relating to Copyrights

This form is an agreement relating to Copyrights that a new employee brings with them to Fred Hutch/SCCA and any that may be created while employed by SCCA.

A brief summary: the employee agrees to promptly disclose to SCCA all writings and other works (such as computer programs) subject to copyright protection that are potentially marketable or saleable (hereinafter Copyright Works) created by them, solely or jointly with others, during the term of their employment by SCCA.

The Employee understands and agrees that all copyrights in Copyright Works, partially or fully created by them as part of their employment by or related in any way to their employment, shall be, and remain, the property of SCCA.

Review the agreement in full, then type your name at the bottom to print off for signature in ink.

Confidentiality Agreement

Review this agreement, enter your name and the date, and print off for signature in ink.

I-9 Form

This form verifies your eligibility for employment in the United States. Please complete Section One and print out for signature. You must bring original copies of the required documentation with you when you turn in your paperwork. To avoid delays in processing your new hire paperwork, carefully review the list of acceptable documentation (also listed on page 4 of the I-9 form).  We cannot process your paperwork without these documents.  When you visit Human Resources, a Services Representative will complete Section Two and certify the I-9.

Please complete Section One only and print off the form only for signature in ink.

To properly view, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed [Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader]. 

Emergency Contact Information

SCCA is committed to providing a safe, hazard free environment for their employees. To further ensure your safety and well-being, we ask that you provide us with contact information in the event of an emergency.

Please fill out this form and print.

Authorization and Release to Provide Information and Documents

If you were ever employed at Fred Hutch or at the University of Washington, this document authorizes both organizations to release employment related documents to the SCCA.

Please add your name and the date, then print off for signature in ink.

Employee Self-Identification Form

As Federal Contractors, Fred Hutch and the SCCA maintain an Affirmative Action Program. Information on the Employee Self-Identification Form assists us in this Program. 

Please check the appropriate box and print out for signature in ink.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

SCCA staff can enroll/change direct deposit any time during employment. New enrollments/updates can be made either through Employee Self Service or the form provided below. The new/updated direct deposit may be delayed depending on when in the pay period it is submitted, so you may wish to refrain from arranging any direct billing from your account until direct deposit has been successfully established.

Print off for signature in ink and return to Human Resources.

Form W-4

Use the W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate Form to establish your withholding allowances for Federal income tax from your pay.  There are several worksheets on the form that can help you determine the correct number of allowances to claim. Please note that the bottom section of Page One is the portion that is submitted to SCCA, and it is not necessary to complete the worksheets.

Please fill out this form and print for signature in ink.

SCCA New Hire Welcome Video