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On-boarding is the process of granting new hires, transferred employees, and non-employees (such as contractors, consultants, interns, and volunteers) appropriate access to Fred Hutch or SCCA resources. Each organization has its own on-boarding process.

Short-Term Guests

Guests who will be on the Fred Hutch or SCCA campus for two weeks or less do not need to be on-boarded. Managers can request a two-week guest badge through Security (206.667.6000) and WiFi access through the Hutch IT site. SCCA managers must obtain an additional badge for volunteers through SCCA Security that identifies the location where the volunteer will be working.

Fred Hutch On-Boarding

The On-Boarding Checklist Tool takes Fred Hutch managers through all of the necessary steps to request cardkey access, network access, and any equipment an individual may need in order to begin work.

Managers must have the new employee or non-employee's ID number in order to begin the process. The Employee Service Center will provide the ID number after completing the new employee's background check or receiving the required non-employee paperwork.

New employees must submit paperwork before their first day.

SCCA On-Boarding

All checklists and forms for on-boarding SCCA employees and non-employees are on the SCCA intranet. SCCA managers can request furniture, network access, computers, phones, and other devices for new employees and non-employees through the SCCA IT Service Desk.

Network and Badge Access

The links below are online request forms for Fred Hutchinson IT Service and Security badge access. In the interest of providing timely and complete access for new employees and non-employees, some changes have been made to our IT and Badge request procedure. Please read below.

All Fred Hutch managers or coordinators should complete the IT service and Security badge access forms below immediately upon hire of a new employee (or Senior Staff approval of a non-employee). Upon receipt of the completed form, the appropriate IT helpdesk will be in contact to collect the specific information necessary to fulfill the request. Security will reply only if a special access request requires follow up.

Please be aware that IT and badge requests will remain pending until the new employee or non-employee has entirely filled out their new hire or non-employee paperwork, an action form (where applicable) has been submitted to HR, and data entry is completed in People Soft. Please encourage your new hires and non-employees to fill out paperwork as soon as possible to prevent delays. Upon entry in PeopleSoft, managers and coordinators will receive an email with the employee ID, and your new employee or non-employee's network access will be enabled per your previously submitted request by IT. No further action should be necessary.

Network Access/Email Account Setup