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2.1 Supervisors' and Managers' Responsibilities

It is each manager's and supervisor's responsibility to:

  1. Encourage an employee who works at a computer workstation to take the online ergonomics training and implement all feasible recommendations.
  2. Request appropriate departmental training for high-risk employees.
  3. Require that employees report injuries, illnesses or discomforts regarding WMSD symptoms immediately using the Accident-Illness Report Form.
  4. Provide ergonomic workstation equipment and furniture.
  5. Restructure job tasks to reduce risk factors.
  6. Provide adequate recovery time by allowing employees engaged in highly repetitive tasks the opportunity for frequent and short breaks and alternative work activities.
  7. Integrate ergonomics into safety management for their department or work area.

2.2 Employees' Responsibilities

Employees' responsibilities are to:

  1. Report work-related injuries to their supervisors;
  2. Complete Accident-Illness Report Forms if symptoms are present, and forward to EH&S at J3-200;
  3. Adjust their workstations and equipment as outlined in the ergonomic guidelines (see Section 4, Office Furniture/Equipment Set-up and Section 5, Lab Set-up and Equipment) and contact EH&S for Ergononics online training.
  4. Perform simple exercises and stretches as recommended by EH&S and make effective use of recovery periods; and
  5. Take two-minute mini-breaks for every hour of keyboarding or performing another repetitive task.

2.3 Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S)

The EH&S Ergonomics Program is intended to:

  1. Reduce WMSDs at the Hutchinson Center;
  2. Provide guidance on modifying the workplace to minimize the potential for illness and injuries;
  3. Provide training for supervisors and employees;
  4. Evaluate individual and department workstations;
  5. Maintain documentation of completed evaluations; and
  6. Provide assistance and advice on the selection of ergonomically sound furniture and equipment.