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All employees involved in the off-site transport of hazardous materials are subject to the requirements of this chapter, including employees who:

  1. Prepare a package of hazardous materials for off-site transport;
  2. Prepare paperwork for a shipment of hazardous materials;
  3. Load and/or transport hazardous materials in a vehicle; or
  4. Send a package containing hazardous material via commercial couriers such as FedEx.

Transport of hazardous materials between buildings within the Day Campus is not regulated, however safety precautions described in Section 3.7 must be followed.

The requirements that apply to hazardous material transport depend on what the material is, how much is being moved, its destination, and the mode of transportation being used (e.g., automobile or aircraft). Requirements typically include:

  1. Employee training, testing, and certification;
  2. Proper labeling and marking of package;
  3. Appropriate paperwork to accompany each shipment; and
  4. Use of a specified packaging for the hazardous material.

Due to the wide variety of materials, the complexity of the regulations, and the frequency with which regulations are updated or changed, it is not possible to publish specific information on all hazardous materials in this manual. Check the EH&S website for current packaging and training information, or call EH&S.