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Lab staff opening internal containers (pigs) use the following procedure:

7.1 Opening Packages

  1. Wear gloves.
  2. Ensure the contents listed on the vial match the packing slip. Receiving a larger-than-expected amount of radioactive material could result in an unexpected radiation dose to lab occupants.
  3. Store the received materials properly.
  4. Survey the empty shipping box and packing materials carefully for radioactive contamination. If no contamination is found, place labels marked "Empty" over the radioactive symbols on the outer shipping box and dispose of the box and packing material as normal trash. Ensure that radioactive material-related markings are covered, defaced or removed.
  5. If contamination is found, dispose of all contaminated shipping material as radioactive waste. If the radioactive material is still usable, clean the outside of the stock vial and store it in an area posted for radioactive material. Notify EH&S so that the receiving area can be surveyed for contamination and all persons who handled the package can be contacted.
  6. If radioactive iodine packages are discovered to be leaking, place package immediately into fume hood and contact EH&S. Remove gloves and monitor your hands and face before exiting the area.
  7. If you are contaminated, rinse the affected area with soap and warm water for three minutes, adding more soap and water regularly for the duration of the wash. Repeat if necessary. If contamination >100 cpm remains, consult with the RSO. See the Fred Hutch Emergency Guide for details.