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6.1 Receiving Packages

  1. All radioactive material must be received at Shipping & Receiving unless specifically authorized by the RSO. Packages can only be received Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For other delivery times, special arrangements must be made with the RSO. Holiday deliveries must be scheduled with the RSO in advance.
  2. Before Shipping & Receiving delivers a radioactive materials package, EH&S performs an external instrument and wipe survey, and a wipe survey of the exterior of the internal container (pig), recording the highest contamination level found, if any. EH&S typically does not open the pig.
  3. EH&S records the package information, updates the Fred Hutch inventory, and includes a vial record sheet, then releases the package to Shipping & Receiving for delivery.
  4. If the package is found to be leaking, action will be taken immediately to contain the radioactive material. The state DOH Office of Radiation Protection and all persons transporting the package to the Hutch are notified as required by WAC 246-221-160(4)(b); notification is done by the RSO.