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All radioactive materials are ordered by submitting purchase requisition forms that include the following information:

  1. The name of the PI currently authorized to receive radioactive material;
  2. The location of the room to which the radioactive material is to be delivered;
  3. The name of the person placing the order;
  4. The name of the radionuclide in standard nomenclature (3H,14C, etc.); and
  5. Activity of radionuclide specifying either microcuries (╬╝Ci) or millicuries (mCi).

Electronic requisitions are routed to EH&S for approval and then forwarded on to the Purchasing Department.

Paper requisitions should be sent directly to the Purchasing Department, which will fax EH&S a copy for approval before the order is placed.

Prior to placing an order EH&S verifies that:

  1. The PI has a current RMUA.
  2. The PI is authorized to use the radionuclide ordered.
  3. The activity of the order does not exceed the maximum activity specified in the RMUA or Fred Hutch license.

Standing orders and blanket orders (orders purchased on the same purchase order number over a specified period of time) are initially approved by EH&S.

If a PI attempts to order radioactive material that exceeds the activity stated in the RMUA, the order will be not be processed until the PI is contacted and the order is changed to comply with the RMUA, or until an amendment to increase the inventory limit is submitted.

All radioactive materials must be received at the Hutch through Shipping & Receiving. Do not have material delivered directly to labs without prior approval by the RSO.