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4.1 Radioactive Material Inventory Record

When radioisotope shipments are received at the Center's Shipping & Receiving Department, they are surveyed by EH&S and entered into a tracking database. A vial record sheet is generated and sent with material when delivered to the lab. It is the lab's responsibility to record the disposal pathways on the vial record sheet. When the material has been disposed, the vial record sheet must be sent to EH&S so that the vial may be removed from the PI's inventory.

The radioactive material is assumed to be in the PI's possession until the vial record sheet is returned to EH&S with disposal dates and pathways entered. EH&S will physically inventory the vials and records at least every two years.

If the vial record sheet is not returned, the amount of recorded radioactive material on-hand will eventually exceed the Inventory Limit as the PI receives more orders. At that time, the PI will be prevented from receiving further radioactive material until the material inventory is reconciled.

4.1.1 Center-wide Inventory

The RSO compiles a summary of the Center-wide radioactive material inventory at least once per year for review by the RSC. The inventory gives a total of the current activity on hand by radionuclide, including:

  1. All radioactive material possessed at the Center;
  2. All materials received for the calendar quarter of interest; and
  3. Radioactive waste shipped for disposal.

4.2 Transferring Radioactive Materials Between Principal Investigators

To transfer radioactive material between labs, do the following:

  1. The transferring PI must record the amount transferred on the original Vial Record Sheet.
  2. If a whole vial is transferred or when an original vial is completely used (vial balance is zero), send the vial record sheet to the RSO.
  3. The receiving PI must complete the two-page NCR form, the Radionuclide Transfer Worksheet, removing the top copy and sending it to the RSO to document the transfer.
  4. The second page is now considered the vial record for the transferred isotope on which the receiving PI documents the use and disposal of the transferred isotope. When the transferred isotope is completely disposed of, document the disposal path and send form to the RSO.

Note: If transfer, use, and disposal are all performed in one day, send the entire completed two-page form to the RSO.

4.3 Recording Lab Surveys

Surveys must be performed and documented by lab staff as described in Section 12.1. Labs should use either a preprinted map or a lab-drawn map. The lab may also have a master map indicating areas that will be surveyed regularly, with a log form to record multiple surveys. Recorded surveys are saved by the lab in the Radiation Safety Records notebook for three years. See Section 12.2 for survey performance and recording procedures.