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Shared Resources includes any other service that accepts material from a research lab in order to perform testing or repair, including Flow Cytometry, Electron Microscopy, Pathology, Hematology, Virology, and Animal Health Resources.

Although it is a common practice for research labs to send radioactive samples to outside labs for analysis, it is a practice that demands diligent consideration for the safety of those receiving the samples. Service labs must be given sufficient information about the samples in order to protect themselves.

Samples with activities less than 0.002 μCi per milliliter or gram of any radionuclide can be considered non-radioactive and no special notification or labeling is required.

Whenever samples are given to a Shared Resource lab (or anyone outside of a worker's own lab) the following requirements must be met:

  1. 50 μCi of any radionuclide is the maximum activity that can be sent to a service lab in any one day.
  2. The radioactive material must be bound to the sample. Any unlabeled material must be removed.
  3. Containers holding samples with more than 0.002 μCi per milliliter or gram must be labeled with the following:
    a. Caution - Radioactive Material and the radiation symbol;
    b. Radionuclide(s);
    c. Total activity in microcuries (μCi);
    d. Investigator's name and phone number; and
    e. Any special precautions that must be taken.

If more than 50 μCi must be sent to a Shared Resource lab or department, the investigator must obtain permission from both the supervisor of the Shared Resource lab receiving the samples and the RSC by submitting an amendment to the RMUA. See Section 3.2, Amendments, for details.

If the sample is sewerable, once the Shared Resource lab has finished with the sample it may dispose of it into the sewer and notify the investigator of the disposal. The investigator who generates the samples must keep the records of their disposal even though the disposal is performed by Shared Resources. See Chapter VI, Section 7 for more on radioactive waste disposal.