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Lab workers must know the locations of the following items and how to use them.

7.1 Fire Extinguisher

Every lab must have a fire extinguisher in a nearby hallway. EH&S periodically conducts fire extinguisher training. Lab workers are strongly encouraged to attend fire safety training to become acquainted with the operation and discharge of an extinguisher.

7.2 Eyewash

Every lab is equipped with an eyewash. For eye contact with any kind of hazardous material, the affected eye should be flushed for 15 minutes while holding the eyelids open.

7.3 Emergency Shower

Emergency showers are located throughout lab buildings. An emergency shower should be used in case of clothing fire or skin contact with a hazardous or corrosive chemical. To use, stand or position victim directly beneath the handle and pull to activate.

7.4 First Aid Kit

Every lab and department should have a first aid kit. First aid kits and supplies are issued by EH&S. If your kit needs supplies, call EH&S.