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Any Fred Hutch renovation, remodeling, or repair work which will utilize potentially hazardous materials (adhesives, paint, epoxies, sealants, carpets, etc.) must be approved by EH&S. The project manager must submit a Renovation/Remodel Hazardous Material Use Approval Form with all MSDSs for hazardous materials to be used during the project to EH&S at least seven days prior to commencement of work. Forms are available from EH&S. The Fred Hutch project manager is responsible for ensuring this form is completed and submitted to EH&S for review and approval prior to conducting work.

All contracts for work that will include the use of hazardous materials must clearly state the contractor is responsible for providing training and information to their employees in accordance with the Employer Hazard Communication Standard (WAC 296-800-170).

All contractors working within the affected building will be told by the project manager what hazardous materials are being used in the work area (lab) and what procedures to follow if they are exposed. Normally, a contractor will not be working in a contaminated area. Lab areas that are remodeled are surveyed for radioactive materials, abandoned chemicals, and decontaminated, if necessary, before a contractor begins work. This clearance process is done by EH&S and is documented and communicated to the appropriate parties.

Renovation, remodeling, and repair work occurring in areas such as labs that have 100% supply and exhaust with no air recirculation are exempt from this requirement unless work is conducted while the space is occupied.