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Training is a necessary component of the Hazard Communication Program. Supervisors in each non-lab department where chemicals are used are responsible for reviewing the information in this chapter with new employees who will be using chemicals and chemical products. EH&S offers annual training for departments that use chemicals in non-lab settings. The training program is intended to increase employee awareness about workplace chemical hazards and to inform employees about available sources of information.

Topics covered in the EH&S training include:

  1. Overview of the written Hazard Communication program;
  2. How to read and understand an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a chemical label;
  3. Chemical health and physical hazards;
  4. Available protective measures; and
  5. Chemical storage and spill procedures.

1.1 New Employee Training

All new employees will be asked by their supervisors to review this chapter as part of their orientation. Supervisors are responsible for providing initial training on the safe use of chemicals for their operations. This manual, which is available in each department, can be used as a reference when working with hazardous chemicals. Supervisors can use the New Employee Hazard Communication Training Checklist found at the end of this chapter as a starting point for training. Each employee's checklist should be retained by the employee's supervisor. In addition, employees must attend Hazard Communication training offered by EH&S.

1.2 New Hazards Training

An employee exposed to a new chemical product or process which poses a new or increased hazard must be trained by the supervisor in the product's or process's safe use and handling. Training in the use of a new hazardous chemical belonging to a hazard class previously discussed is not necessary.

1.3 Training for Non-routine Tasks

The supervisor is responsible for training employees in the safety precautions of non-routine tasks. EH&S is available to assist supervisors in developing this training upon request.

1.4 Training Records

The EH&S Department tracks the names of employees who receive EH&S training. These names are kept on file to demonstrate compliance to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.