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Updated April 5, 2022

What communication has been shared with contracting partners and sponsors to-date?

The week of February 14, 2022, a letter was sent from the law firm of Lane Powell to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s contracting partners to notify them of the intended merger of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center into SCCA and to request their consent to the assignment of their contracts to the merged entity, which is now known as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. A copy of the letter is available for reference.

Separately, the Fred Hutch Office of Sponsored Research reached out to all federal and non-federal sponsors (i.e., federal grants, certain private grants and business development agreements that grant equity participation rights) with updated information.

What if a contracting partner does not consent to the assignment of their contracts?

If a contracting partner objects to the assignment, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center would work with the sponsor or customer to address their concerns. If no response is received, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center would continue to invoice under the original contract.

Is Accounting sending any communications to customers and sponsors?

Accounting-related communications, including name change information and a new W-9, would be sent out alongside new invoices following April 1, 2022. 

When would a new W-9 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center be available?

A new W-9 is available as of April 1, 2022. A new W-9 will also be included with the April and May 2022 invoices for your convenience.

What, if any, changes would be made to the monthly invoice after the merger on April 1, 2022?

We would revise the current invoice to reflect the name change to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center at the top of the invoice. All the banking information would remain the same, so there would be no changes to the electronic payment options. All other processes would remain the same.

Would there be any delays in invoicing anticipated?

There would be no delays or impact to the invoicing process schedule, and all invoices would be sent out on the regular schedule. 

Do existing customer and sponsor contracts need to be reissued?

Only NIH grants and UW subawards with Federal flow-through would be proactively reissued. If there is a request by the sponsor organization on a different type of award or contract, a new agreement may be set up in the system and a new invoice may be created after April 1, 2022.