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SECTION: Security
SUBCATEGORY: Environmental Health and Safety; Security
DEPARTMENT: Security (Administration)


Policy Statement

All visitors to Center facilities must follow all applicable policies and procedures during their visit. All visitors must be able to understand and follow safety instructions. At no time shall visitors be allowed to handle hazardous materials or equipment capable of producing injury or exposure unless specifically authorized by Center management and EH&S.

  1. Personal visitors:
    1. Personal visitors must be escorted in all areas at all times.
    2. Personal visitors are not allowed in Elevated Risk Restricted Areas.
    3. If a special need to enter an Elevated Risk Restricted Areas exists, the Center employee hosting personal visitors must get prior authorization from the space owner and from Security at 206.667.6000 or If authorization is granted, personal visitors must be escorted by a Center employee at all times.
  2. Business visitors:
    1. To assure the Center knows when business visitors are on site, the Center employee hosting business visitors should ask the visitors to check in with him or her upon arrival.
    2. If a business visitor needs to enter an Elevated Risk Restricted Areas exists, the Center employee hosting business visitors must get prior authorization from the space owner and from Security at 206.667.6000 or If authorization is granted, personal visitors must be escorted by a Center employee at all times unless a specific escort-free status has been granted by the space owner, host, and Security.
  3. Non-Employees: Non-Employees are issued a badge by Security and access restrictions are determined by the badge coding. Non-Employees must be escorted by a Center employee in areas not covered by their badge access.

  4. Children: Children do not include employed minors (refer to HR policy Employment of Minors), affiliates or other individuals visiting the Center for business reasons (refer to business visitors).
    The following apply to children visiting the Center:
    1. Children must be under direct supervision of the parent, guardian, or Center host and be escorted at all times in all areas.
    2. Children are not allowed in Elevated Risk Restricted Areas.
    3. Children are prohibited from using agency telephones or operating office equipment.

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Background/Reason for Policy

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Center) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace as well as promoting a collaborative and educational environment.

This policy establishes the requirements for hosting, escorting, and allowing visitor access to the Center. These requirements are designed to protect the health, safety, and security of employees, contractors, and visitors, Center property and work from unintentional contamination, and to restrict access to certain areas and materials.

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Personal visitor: Individuals who visit the Center, but do not conduct Center-related business such as a Center employee's spouse, child, friend, or other relative of a Center employee.

Business visitor: Individual who will be on site and conduct Center-related business (e.g., meetings, conferences, interviews, training, job shadows as well as vendors, consultants, contractors) or groups of collaborative organizations, visiting delegations, and business leaders.

Non-Employee: Working visitors, including a guest researcher, visiting scientist, student, fellow, or volunteer.

Children: Persons under eighteen years old.

Escort: Center employee who assumes responsibility for a visitor to the Center and who accompanies the visitor, maintaining visual and verbal contact at all times in all Elevated Risk Restricted Areas to which the visitor is not permitted independent access.

Elevated Risk Restricted Area: any area where hazardous chemicals or conditions are present, including laboratory areas (see definition below), animal facilities, cage cleaning and storage areas, engineering shops, power plants, electrical/mechanical equipment rooms, loading docks, shipping and receiving areas, grounds equipment storage areas, construction areas, rooftops, warehouses, materials storage areas, or any other area deemed elevated risk by Center management or Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) staff, and Security.

Laboratory area: Laboratory, laboratory support, and/or storage areas, laboratory corridors, stairwells, offices within laboratories, equipment rooms (such as the freezer, autoclave, and radiation instrument rooms), and any other areas designated by management as being within a laboratory area.

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  1. Escorted visitors: Visitors are to use lobby phones and directories to contact their host. Visitors requiring assistance can use reception staff or Security Officers to contact their host. Hosts must meet the visitors in the building lobby and escort them through the building(s).

  2. Business visitors who access Center buildings frequently will be issued a non-employee photo keycard by Human Resources via the Non-employee action process.

  3. Business visitors who are onsite for short to medium term business (e.g., up to a few weeks) may receive, at the discretion of Security, a loaner keycard for the duration of their visit. It is the responsibility of the host to inform Security of the termination date of the visit.

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Washington Administrative Code 296-800 Health and Safety Core Rules
Washington Administrative Code 296-62 General Occupational Health Standards

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Human Resources, 206.667.4700
EH&S, 206.667.4866
Security, 206.667.3334

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Responsible Official (VP or Sr. VP):
Mark Burch, Sr. Director of Materiel and Ops

Manager responsible for policy: 
Scott Kelly, Security Manager

Approval Date (this version):
6/2009, Edited 3/2018

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