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Responsible Official Office of General Counsel (Administration) Date Version
Reviewed by Mari Schwab, Associate General Counsel, Employment 12/02/2020 V.1


Background and Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to maintain a productive and non-coercive work environment, to avoid disruption of Fred Hutch’s operations, and to protect the safety and privacy of Workforce Members.

This Policy applies to all Fred Hutch Premises and all Workforce Members as well as to visitors and external organizations and individuals on Fred Hutch’s Premises.


A Workforce Member:

  1. may not distribute Solicitation Materials or engage in Solicitation anywhere on Fred Hutch’s Premises during their Work Time,
  2. may not distribute Solicitation Materials in Work Areas at any time, and
  3. may not distribute Solicitation Materials to, or engage in Solicitation of, other Workforce Members who are on their Work Time.
  4. may not use Fred Hutch’s resources (including, but not limited to, bulletin boards, stationery, computers and network systems, campus mail, e-mail, telecommunications systems, photocopiers, fax, telephone lists, databases, supplies or other workplace equipment) to distribute Solicitation Materials or to engage in Solicitation.

Persons who are not Workforce Members may not distribute Solicitation Materials or engage in Solicitation anywhere on Fred Hutch’s Premises at any time. Workforce Members should notify their supervisor or the Office of General Counsel ( immediately if someone who is not a Workforce Member is observed engaging in activity in violation of this Policy.

For purposes of a Solicitation, Workforce Members may not provide other Workforce members’ campus, e-mail or personal address information to third parties unless specifically authorized and directly related to Fred Hutch business.

This Policy does not prohibit activities that are inherent to the execution of one’s official duties as a Workforce Member and which are performed in an official capacity for Fred Hutch. For example, Fred Hutch philanthropic communications, efforts and activities that are undertaken by or sponsored by the Fred Hutch Philanthropy Department, are excluded from this Policy. In addition, Solicitation by Fred Hutch departments and divisions and recognized employee groups consistent with their mission is permitted.

This Policy does not apply to normal business contacts by authorized vendor representatives engaging in business with Fred Hutch in compliance with other Fred Hutch policies, provided such contacts are made with the consent of the appropriate department head or Fred Hutch management. Please also refer to the Visitors Policy for more information.

Exceptions to this Policy must be approved in advance by the Office of General Counsel.

Nothing in this Policy prohibits Workforce Members from discussing terms and conditions of employment.


“Premises” refers to the buildings, facilities, real property and grounds that are owned, leased, operated, controlled, supervised, or temporarily used by Fred Hutch.

“Solicitation” means: 

  1. the selling or promotion of products, goods, memberships, benefits, privileges, or services;
  2. the distribution or posting of Solicitation Materials;
  3. the seeking of contributions or funds or other support;
  4. the recruitment of members, supporters or affiliates;
  5. the promotion of a political party or candidate(s); and/or
  6. the promotion of a cause.

“Solicitation Materials” means print, digital or electronic materials of any kind, that are distributed for purposes of Solicitation, including goods and merchandise, pamphlets, handbills, circulars, newspapers, magazines and other materials.

“Work Area” means those areas of Fred Hutch’s Premises where Workforce Members are assigned to perform their work tasks for Fred Hutch, including but not limited to offices, laboratories, conference rooms, lecture halls, libraries, but excluding dining areas, break rooms and other areas specifically designated for non-work use and activity.

“Workforce Member” means faculty, employees and other staff whose conduct in the performance of work for or at Fred Hutch is under the direct control of Fred Hutch or subject to the policies of Fred Hutch, whether or not they are paid by Fred Hutch.

"Work Time" means the time during working hours when a Workforce Member is engaged or is expected to be engaged in performing their work tasks for Fred Hutch. Work Time does not include meal periods or authorized work breaks or other periods when the Workforce Member is properly not engaged in the performance of their work tasks.

Policy Violations and Disclaimer

Violations of this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or non-employee access. Center-wide Policies, read together or individually, do not constitute a contract of employment. Please see Policy on Policies for more details.

Policy Administrators and Responsibilities

Administrators Responsibilities
Office of General Counsel
  • Review and approve exceptions to this Policy
Workforce Members
  • Report violations of this Policy