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DEPARTMENT: General Counsel (Administration)


Policy Statement
Reason for Policy


Policy Statement

Scientific staff should not undertake research that is subject to unreasonable restrictions on its publication or public disclosure or that otherwise unreasonably impairs their ability to communicate and discuss the results of their scientific findings.

Reasonable Restrictions for Outside Disclosure Allowed. The following restrictions are considered reasonable:

  1. Requirements that a publication or disclosure be delayed for a short period (normally not to exceed 60 days) for patenting purposes or to permit a research sponsor to review and comment on the proposed publication or disclosure.
  2. Delays in a publication or disclosure (normally not to exceed 60 days) when it is in the best interests of the research such as in the case of a multi-site study requiring review of data by a publication committee.
  3. Requirements that a proposed publication or disclosure be modified to delete confidential information provided by a third party that the third party requests not be disclosed.
  4. Requirements that confidential information provided by a third party be disclosed or used only as permitted by the third party.

Restrictions on publications or public disclosures other than those referenced above must be approved by the President and Director of the Center or his or her designee.

Use of Confidential Information. Scientific staff may not disclose to third parties or use for their personal benefit confidential information (including confidential information of third parties) acquired by reason of their position at the Center.

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Background/Reason for Policy

Principle of Openness in Research. The right and obligation of the scientific staff of the Center to publish and in other ways communicate results of their scientific findings is considered of paramount importance to the effective functioning of the Center, and to carrying out its missions and objectives. This includes the right to discuss internally the methods and results of their research with other Center scientists prior to their publication or public disclosure.

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Responsible Official (Vice President or Senior Vice President):
President and Director

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Vice President, General Counsel

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September 1998

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