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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) partners with programs to steward sponsored awards through their life cycle. OSR provides high-level technical expertise in regulatory compliance, streamlined research-administrative processes and ongoing, comprehensive training.

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Core Services

  • Review and provide institutional endorsement for all proposals to federal and other external sponsors, assuring compliance with Fred Hutch policies and sponsor terms and conditions.
  • Review, interpretation and dissemination of policies of federal agencies and other external sponsors.
  • Institutional authority for the negotiation and acceptance of financial support or other contractually binding obligations in the form of a contract, grant or agreement, including staff assignments.
  • Institutional authority for post-award actions that require agency approval such as change in project director/principal investigator, rebudgeting and no-cost extensions or notifications.

Subrecipient Audit Requirements

In accordance with Uniform Guidance (UG) §200.331 (requirements for pass-through entities), Fred Hutch must monitor the activities of its subrecipients to ensure their accountability and compliance with federal statutes, regulations, terms and conditions of the subaward, and that subaward performance goals are achieved.

Audit Compliance and Reports

Because Fred Hutch expends more than $750,000 per year in federal funding, it is required to have a Single Audit performed annually. Copies of audit reports for fiscal years 2012-2015 are provided for your convenience. Starting with fiscal year 2016, audit reports are available through the Federal Audit Clearinghouse website

Project-Specific Disclosure Forms (PSDFs)

Subawardee PSDFSubawardee-covered individuals whose institutions do not have a compliant conflict-of-interest policy. Disclosure of Financial Interests PSDF form must also be completed for each covered individual.

Disclosure of Financial Interests PSDFCompanion form to the Subawardee form. This form must be completed by all subawardee-covered individuals whose institutions do not have a compliant conflict-of-interest policy.

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